April 25, 2015

Join us for our 22nd Annual Fundraiser Gala

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April 25, 2015
Cocktails at 5:00 pm
Dinner at 7:00 pm

Calgary Petroleum Club
319 – 5th Avenue SW

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Safari Club International Blue Bag Program Story

by David Avery Little

In early September 2012, I landed in Pemba, Mozambique to bowhunt leopards. In my luggage were my Mathews Z7 and Monster bows, a dozen Maxima Blue Streak arrows, and Montec and Razorcap broadheads . . . and a blue duffel bag. This was the SafariCare Blue Bag from the Calgary Chapter of Safari Club International (SCI).
Natalie Nesbitt, on behalf of the Calgary Chapter, donated six soccer balls, two air pumps, and a number of air needles. I serve on the board of the Glencoe Club, a Calgary family and sports club, and had talked to them about my expedition. Our fitness program came together to donate forty-four surplus long-sleeved T-shirts. Eve, my twelve-year-old next-door neighbor, heard about the project. She wanted to be involved as well (giving is contagious!), so she donated school supplies and stuffed animals to the Blue Bag.
On the eleventh afternoon of the hunt, my professional hunter, Guy Whittall, and I drove to the soccer pitch in the center of the nearest village. A match between the Matimbo Safaris staff and the local village boys was set for two p.m. When we arrived at the pitch, there was already a crowd of several hundred people. The players were delighted when I presented them with a new game ball, and began singing their thanks.

I reached into the Blue Bag, brought out the long-sleeved white T-shirts, and began distributing them. I also gave the chief an air pump, a few air needles, and several more balls for his inventory. The players pulled on their shirts, and immediately looked much more like a team . . . even if one shirt was on backwards!
As the teams warmed up, I gave the school supplies to the local teacher. This was Sunday, so the kids were not in class. The teacher beamed and said he would distribute the supplies the next day.

The soccer equipment and school supplies handed out, I turned to the toys. I started passing out stuffed animals to the smaller children, but was soon mobbed. There were more children than toys and they began to crush around me, delighted but a bit frantic. I soon ran out of stuffies, but luckily I had a bag of seventy-eight small plastic animals. I opened it and began hurling animals in all directions. The kids scattered, chasing each handful, and it became a big cheerful game. Five minutes later, the bag was empty.
This wasn’t aid, charity, or development . . . it was simply a fun-filled field day for a poor village in Africa. I think the Blue Bag was an unqualified success!
Guy led his Matimbo Safaris team in performing the haka, the war dance of the Maoris of New Zealand, which the All Blacks use to terrify their opponents. As Guy and his coworkers chanted and stomped toward the opposing team, the village players began to look alarmed, but they collapsed in giggles as soon as the last shout evaporated in the dusty air.

We left before the game was over, because Guy and I wanted to be in the blind well before dark and it was a couple hours’ drive away, at the eastern end of the concession. That night, I became the first person to shoot a lion with an arrow in Mozambique since Fred Bear in 1965.

I experienced, in the couple weeks at the camp, the joy of seeing destitute kids made happy by a few simple gifts, the disappointment of missing several shots, and the thrill of shooting a lion in the African wild. It was an astonishing experience, enriched by the SafariCare Blue Bag program. Without the Blue Bag, I wouldn’t have seen the delight in the children’s eyes or the pride of a village soccer team wearing new uniforms. I cherish those memories along with the memory of shooting my first wild lion.

Archie Nesbitt SCI Life member- Calgary Chapter President

Jordan Dorozio – Director of the Calgary Chapter

Bob Merkley Life Member of SCI with his SCI World Record Eland

Dave Scott Life Member of SCI with his #6 SCI World Record Roan

Bruce Waddell, Director, Life Member of SCI – Life Member of the Calgary Chapter and Official Measurer

Chad Larson – Director of the Calgary Chapter/ Life Member of SCI


David Little – Life Member of SCI and the Calgary Chapter

Dale Hislop- Life Member of SCI – Live Member of the Calgary Chapter

Craig Sinclair – Director and life member of the Calgary Chapter/SCI Life Member

This years fundraiser was a great success. Thank you to all of our donors, volunteers and to everyone that came out to support our chapter.

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