Our Mission Statement

Protecting hunters' rights and promoting wildlife conservation, SCI's two areas of focus, historically has been the interest of hundreds of individuals long before SCI was established. 

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Our Story

Fifty years ago, there were many safari clubs across North America made up of local, unaffiliated groups of hunters. One such was the Safari Club of Los Angeles, which was formed in April 1971 by forty-seven individuals. In early 1972, an out-of-towner from a similar club in Chicago attended one of the monthly Wednesday night meetings, and it was decided that the L.A. club should attempt to combine with the one in Chicago to make it an affiliated chapter. The founder of Safari Club of Los Angeles, C.J. McElroy, went to the Windy City and instituted the new chapter.

Eleven months after the formation of the Safari Club of Los Angeles, on March 9, 1972, the name was changed officially to Safari Club International. SCI continued to reach out to other independent safari clubs throughout the United States in an effort to combine them into a single overall organization.
Today, interest in SCI's two primary missions has grown a worldwide network. Subsequent involvement and promotion of these missions are rooted in each of our 55,000 members, supported through each of our 190 membership chapters found across the globe, and put into action by government representatives and personnel both nationally and internationally.

Our Directors

David Little, President,

SCI Life Member, 

Official SCI Measurer

"SCI. Where we celebrate the great outdoor tradition of hunting, and where we support the our hunting heritage, and where we defend hunters’ rights.
To me SCI Canada is is so very important because we are the only national voice supporting hunting and hunters."


Logan Girletz,

President-Elect, Western Canada Representative for the SCI Canada Committee,

Youth Director

"I chose to join Safari Club International because of their dedication to science-based wildlife conservation and the emphasis they put on the preservation of hunters' rights, not just here at home, but globally. Hunting is our heritage, our tradition and what connects us to our world. To lose hunting is to lose a unique part of the human experience and I believe that SCI fully understands that statement." 


Jim Gratrix, Secretary,

SCI Life Member,

Official SCI Measurer

"As a Hunter, I have learned and experienced many things about our natural environment that most people could only imagine, beyond even BBC World. Early man was a hunter, and that same instinct exists today. To preserve hunting we all must do our part." 

Dwayne Tiede

Director, Dinner Chair, 

SCI Life Member

"Hunting and fishing have been a way for me to connect with the outdoor world. Volunteering with SCI allows me to help a great organization, which helps to protect the environment, maintain the ability to hunt and fish in Canada and the USA, and to show the benefits of sustainable and ethical hunting and fishing."


Mark Fuchko,

Veteran Committee Chair

"I have always found solace in the outdoors and in wild places. The ability to escape our modern world and truly experience nature has been a central pillar of my life. In order for such opportunities to endure however, wild spaces, species and the freedom to hunt must be preserved. This is a key mission of SCI, and when coupled with the organization's various veteran related programs I was compelled to contribute where and when I could."

Dawson Rae Lewis,

Social Media Chair

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