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Our Mission Statement

Protecting hunters' rights and promoting wildlife conservation, SCI's two areas of focus, historically has been the interest of hundreds of individuals long before SCI was established. 

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Our Directors


David Little, Past President,
SCI Life Member, 
Official SCI Measurer

"A long time member of Safari Club International and SCI Calgary Dave was and is still instrumental in the defence of and advocating for hunter's rights and freedoms through Alberta while working to promote wildlife conservation worldwide.
David fought tirelessly beside Blaine Calkins and Robert Sopuck against Bill C-246 brought into Parliament as a private member's bill by Nathaniel Erskine-Smith and supported by Animal Justice along with other animal rights groups across Canada. The bill would have endangered not only hunting and hunters' freedoms but life-saving medical research. It was an anti-hunting bill that needed to be defeated. Consequently, Robert Sopuck was awarded SCI's International Legislator of the Year for his efforts in stopping Bill C-246. "


Logan Girletz,
President, Western Canada Representative for the SCI Canada Committee

"I grew up northwest of Calgary training horses, hunting, fishing and spending time in the mountains in Southern Alberta. I have always loved the outdoors and have been fortunate enough to spend much of my adult life outside working in the oil and gas sector throughout Canada. I have been lucky to see most of this country through work and travel and firmly believe that Alberta has some of the best hunting opportunities that Canada has to offer.

My wife and I said our "I do's" in South Africa on our first International Hunt and I have been fortunate to hunt overseas several times since then in Asia, Europe, Africa, and South America. I have met some fantastic people through Safari Club International and feel honoured to serve an organization that has such a proud history of global conservation and advocacy for all hunting traditions.
I look forward to representing the chapter members and encourage ANYONE reading this to reach out to myself or any of the Calgary board if you have any questions or if you would like to work with us!" 


Jim Gratrix, Vice President,
SCI Life Member,
Official SCI Measurer

"Since an early age, I have always loved firearms and hunting. My Dad, Uncle and Grandfather took me hunting as soon as I was old enough. They were not avid hunters, so I hunted with a high school friend. With no mentor, we learned to hunt by trial and error, mostly error at first! I eventually found my way to Lethbridge Community College where I graduated with a diploma in Renewable Resource Management and a Certificate of Specialization in Conservation Enforcement in 1990. During summer breaks I was a Student Conservation Education Officer in the Crowsnest Pass and a Student Fish and Wildlife Officer in Edson. I also was a Provincial Park Ranger in Gregoire Lake Provincial Park near Fort McMurray and Kananaskis Central District.
Injuries that have caused lasting health/mobility issues have slowed me down but have not stopped me from hunting with my friends and family. I am very proud that both of my daughters have become shooters and hunters.
In addition to hunting all the common ungulates in Alberta, I have hunted hogs in Florida and numerous plains game on my two trips to South Africa. I like to remind people that the word "Safari" is Swahili for "a journey or expedition". I try to make every hunting trip special and enjoyable for my hunting partners wherever we are hunting in Alberta. We need not be overseas to enjoy a safari!


Dwayne Tiede

Director, Dinner Chair, 

SCI Life Member

"My interest in the outdoors started in my younger years. The first fishing trips were on Lake Okanagan fishing for kokanee and in later years for pike in northeastern Alberta. During school years, this interest expanded to include deer hunting for table venison. While the passion alternated between fishing and hunting, it expanded to include hiking into beautiful locations, such as a 22-day self-sustained backpack hike into Auyuittuq national park on Baffin Island. This outdoor drive even expanded to include scuba diving for a few years to observe fish in the wild.
As we go through various phases in life, we eventually reach a time when we want to give back to the passions which have given meaning to our lives. I choose to volunteer with SCI, a great organization. Its goals are to protect the environment and wildlife populations and the ability to hunt and fish in Canada and the USA. It does this by showing the benefits of sustainable and ethical hunting and fishing to both the local societies and to ensuring biodiverse populations over the long term."


Mark Cooper,
Director, Outfitter Communications

"Born and raised in Southwest Alberta, I have guided for decades throughout my province and British Columbia. I have and continue to serve on several boards within the outfitting industry and have been an active member of Safari Club for my entire career. Currently, I split my time between my family in the Calgary area, my work in the oil and gas industry and my outfitting business here in Alberta and my tenures in central British Columbia.
I appreciate the work that Safari Club International does and am proud to belong to a chapter board that emphasizes the contributions of the outfitting industry and is working to foster these relationships. "


Mark Fuchko,
Director, Veteran Affairs

"I am from Calgary, Alberta. I was sworn into the Canadian Army in March of 2002 and served in a variety of roles for twelve years. I deployed twice to Afghanistan; first in 2005-06 and again in 2008. While on operation on 29 March 2008 I was severely wounded when the vehicle I was riding in struck an improvised explosive device (IED), and this led to my left and right legs being amputated. Luckily, the Canadian Forces' Soldier On program quickly got me back on my feet. 

I am a graduate of both Mount Royal University and the University of Calgary.

I have been involved with Safari Club International: Calgary Chapter since 2017. I have always found solace in the outdoors and in wild places. The ability to escape our modern world and truly experience nature has been a central pillar of my life. In order for such opportunities to endure, however, wild spaces, species and the freedom to hunt must be preserved. This is a key mission of SCI, and when coupled with the organization's various veteran-related programs I was compelled to contribute where and when I could."


Lee Mattatal,
Community Liason

"As a kid, I grew up roaming the badlands of Alberta. My love of hunting was ignited with gophers and hares and eventually led to whitetail and Muleys. The call of the outdoors pushed me towards a career in the environmental sector. Now I spend my days in the great outdoors working throughout Alberta and my free time hunting and fishing throughout Southern Alberta with my family and friends. 


Craig Sinclair,
Youth Director

"Born and raised in Southern Alberta. I grew up going on pheasant and goose hunts in the Brooks area and deer hunts in Millarville with my Dad starting at 9. I first hunted when I was 12; ducks and pheasants mostly until after we moved to Calgary for high school - that's when I got into big game hunting. 

All of my hunting experience has been in Alberta to date. I've gone out for moose, elk, mule and white-tailed deer, antelope, and black bear; not always successfully I might add! 

Now I take great pleasure in taking my son out and getting him into hunting. One of the best moments of my life was watching him during his first hunting season wait on a mule deer buck to cross a field and give him a 200-yard quartering shot that ended with one shot and a very happy young man! Bucket list hunt for me is a safari in Namibia and roaming the hills of my ancestors, in Scotland, for a red stag. I live in Calgary and have worked in the insurance industry for the last 23 years."

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