We need your help. Court is expensive, even when you're right! We can't do this without support from hunters and fishermen across Canada.

VICTORY - The defeat Bill 246 in parliament on  October 6th was a victory for canadian values and common sense. Bill 246 would have made hunting and fishing illegal in Canada. We will keep pushing the animal rights groups from attacking ordinary canadians who enjoy the outdoors and take their kids fishing and hunting.

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We are leading the fight in Canada to respond to the Anti-hunting groups.

We are committed to the concept“…..that hunting activities worldwide are free of outside protestation.”

“Outside” here means those who are not direct stakeholders, are uninformed of the issues, or who do not subscribe to science-based principles of conservation.

“Protestation” here means censure, criticism and challenge and protest

“Activities” here means legal, ethical hunting anywhere, Sportsmen's Shows and Conventions, Conservation groups dinners and expos, and sporting events where hunting is included or represented.


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