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Youth Programs


Whitetail deer hold a special place in the hearts of Albertans, an animal that is generally open to most in the province and particularly those in the South with no special license or tag beyond a general required to harvest these elusive animals. As a result this is the game animal that most young hunters set out in search of and the animal that SCI Calgary has selected to spotlight the efforts of young sportsmen and women within the region.

Clubs that wish to be in involved with the program are asked to include an SCI Measurer at a measuring event that is already established or new event with support for Safari Club Calgary.

Youth that attend these events are encouraged to bring in their recently harvested animals for official measurement and entry into the annual awards program.

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Eligibility Criteria

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The hunter/huntress must have been under the age of 18 during the harvest of the animal

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The animal must have been harvested legally by the applicant within the last hunting season (2019)

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All youth that wish to have their harvests scored are welcome to do so free of charge, HOWEVER we require youth that wish to have their harvest entered into the awards hold a current SCI Membership, they do not have to have previously held a membership as applications and memberships will be available to purchase that day.

Measuring Criteria

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Measurements will be conducted in accordance to SCI Bylaws. All measurements will be recorded on official SCI Measurement forms that will be collected at the end of the day for ranking.

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First place scores will be retained for the secondary round of competition.

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All contact information will be kept confidential for competition purposes only and will not be shared without the express written consent of the legal parent or guardian of the youth hunter/huntress.

Awards and Prizes

Regional Level Awards handed out in 2017 (for the harvests in 2016) included a fully guided Black Bear Hunt in Northern Alberta donated by Mikes Outfitting (Mike Ukrainetz). The hunt was to be filmed by Burke & Joel Schmid from Wild TV (who also received a donated black bear hunt from Mike).

Second place received a shoulder mount for their harvest from Top Notch Taxidermy (Kevin, Kelly and Levi Wiebe) in Coaldale AB.

If you are looking for more information on the program feel free to contact SCI Calgary.

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Club awards will be awarded to the youth at the end of the measuring day.

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First place will receive a custom trophy belt buckle that includes that Association Name, SCI Calgary Logo and Year the Buckle was Awarded. Runners up will receive secondary prizing.

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All club award winners will advance on to the regional portion of the competition where the top scores across the region will be compared against other buckle winners.

Annual Dinner Tickets and Hotel Group Rate are available in the shop 

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